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Athlete Finds Energy Boost with Kyäni

Before finding Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Josh Tyler was a marathon runner and endurance hiker. Since he began his professional MMA career, he has gone nearly undefeated. As an all-or-nothing athlete in a taxing sport, Josh has a very demanding workout regimen, requiring energy and endurance.
Proper nutrition and supplementation are an extremely important part of Josh’s training. While skeptical at first, Josh says that Kyäni products “have really delivered” and helped him reach optimal performance. “So far, the products have done a tremendous amount for me.”
“Anybody can go hard for a round," says Josh, “It’s round three, or a round five fight when you are in the championship rounds where it really matters and having supplements like Kyäni helps me do that.”
A video about Josh Tyler, his experience with Kyäni products, and his journey as a professional MMA fighter.

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